Introducing the dApp Lucky

What is the dApp Lucky?

Lucky is a dApp built on the top of dApp Staking in Astar Network.

If the user stakes on the dApp Lucky, he will still receive the rewards from the dApp Staking and moreover he will have a chance to win extra rewards! He will be lucky!

It's a no loser lottery!

About the dApp Staking

For beginning it is important to understand the dApp Staking in Astar Network..

In Astar Network, the token holders can stake their tokens on their prefered dapp and rewards are sent both to the staker and to the dApp developper. It’s a smart way to incentive the builders even if unfortunatly some dApps can receive many rewards and don’t build so much in the ecosystem. It’s why it is important that the token holder takes time to choose the dApp on which he stakes!

About the security, when the user stakes on a dApp, the token keeps in the wallet of the user. The token is locked by the protocol and will be unlocked when the user will unstake. It means there is no risk to lose your token even if the zero risk doen’t exist.

The raffle

Here in the dApp Lucky, the smart contract organizes a raffle among the addresses who staked on the dApp and distributes a share of the developer rewards to one lucky address.

It means the user who stakes to the dApp Lucky will still receive the rewards from the dApp Staking and moreover he will have a chance to win extra rewards!

There is a raffle by era. An era is 24 hours on Astar and 6 hours on Shiden.

The more you stake the more chance you have of winning extra rewards.

Indeed when you stake 100 tokens, it means you have 100 tickets for the raffle. More tickets means more chance to win!

To try to give everyone a chance and prevent a whale from getting all the rewards, a same address cannot win consecutively. In other words, when an address wins the rewards, it must wait 10 eras to participate in the lottery again. The number of epochs is configurable and can be adapted if necessary.

Next we will implement a feature to reward the loyalty. It means that the longer you stake the more you increase your chance.

How use it?

Use the portal Astar to stake on the dApp Lucky.

Link for Shiden :

And go to the dApp Lucky to see if you won extra rewards.

That’s all!

Feel free to give us your feedback via this form:

Technical point of view

It seems so simple but behind the wood there a several wasm smart contracts, subquery or subsquid for indexing the data and schedulled jobs to regulary claim the rewards from the dApp Staking, read the data from the indexer and push them into the smart contracts.

All these schedulled jobs will be replaced soon by phat contracts in order to have a dApp 100% decentralized.


The dApp was awarded in the Polkadot Hackathon Europe Edition, in the category ink! Smart Contracts.

We have partnership with the dApp Royal Raffle written by the community Kusama Kingdom and when the dApp Lucky will be battle tested, our technology could be used by other teams or other DAOs.

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Lucky is a dApp built on the top of dAppStaking in Astar. The dApp organizes a raffle per era to redistribute a share of the developer rewards to one or more lucky guys among stakers.